Jeff Yoshimi

Note that I am not currently recruiting graduate students.

Dynamics of Consciousness

The structure and dynamics of consciousness are closely related to the structure and dynamics of neural activity. I study this relationship using mathematical and computational models. This paper gives a sense of the project.


To study the behavior of neural networks (simulated brain circuits) in virtual environments, I created a computer program called Simbrain, which is open-source, visually-oriented, and free. Simbrain is currently being developed in collaboration with students and researchers at UC Merced. Check out


Edmund Husserl developed a systematic philosophy of consciousness at the turn of the 20th century. I created and maintain a site,, which features a variety of interactive tools for Husserl scholars.

Visualizing High-Dimensional Objects

I developed another computer program in collaboration with Scott Hotton called HiSee. HiSee projects high-dimensional datasets to two dimensions so that they can be visualized. The datasets I focus on allow me to study the relationship between possible brain states and possible conscious states.

Argumentation Maps

In the 1990s I helped create a set of "debate maps" that are avalable here. Since then debate-mapping research has been steadily advancing; I hope to return to this area in coming years.

Philosophy in the Central Valley

If you're interested in philosophy events in the California Central Valley, check out the Central Valley Philosophy Association!